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Working Paper
Trinity Methodist Church was the place we chose for our moral studies assignment. The reason we chose Trinity Methodist Church because we wanted to do some community work in order to help the society. Besides, our transport problem was deal with as the Church provided a van to fetch us there. Trinity Methodist Church act like a home for us. We felt very happy and blessed. We even helped to wash some of the church’s vehicles. Hence, activities and game are also prepared by us for the Sunday class. Those children are just so friendly --- they love to smile. We used up 2 days to finish the activities which were on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, time needed was 3 hours. We started our interview with Rev. Dr. Lau at 9am.We gathered some information about the church from the church library. After that, we did some car washing at 10:00 am.Therefore, we ended our Saturday activities at 12:00 pm. On Sunday, we reached church at 8:00 am.Then, we joined their Sunday class with little kids. It took 3 hours to finish the games for them to play. Everything goes smoothly. And so, these activities ended at 11:00 am with lots of laughter and joy. Cost Needed for assignment

BilItem (s)QuantityCost(RM)Total
2.Rubber band1(packet)RM1.50RM1.50
6.Mixed Nuts1RM9.60RM9.60
7.Danhua Cake1RM1.80RM1.80
8. Taxi faresRM30.00RM30.00


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Group Introduction

History of Trinity Methodist Church

Group Activities



Group Introduction
Our group was formed in the first tutorial class, which was on the 8th January 2013. Our group is made up of four members. They are Ronald Kueh Chunyen (4313178), Goh Wei Wen(4313194), Sim Chee Mui(4313321), Erich Hii Lee Sieng ( 4312899). That day, all of us gathered and had some discussion. At last, all of us decided Trinity Methodist Church as the target of our assignment. The main reason for us to visit Trinity Methodist Church is because this is the first time we involved in such community work. We believed that being involved in such activities will help us in character building. Besides, most of our group members are living in the hostel. The church does provide us with free transportation. So, it is indeed convenient for us in the process of finishing our assignment. We contacted Trinity Church in order to fix a date to make appointment with them and have a talk about our group’s activities so that they can help us to prepare everything we need for our activities such as cleaning tools. Finally, we fixed a date on 13th January 2013 to make appointment and had a face to face talk with the worker there, Madam Huang from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

This assignment took us two days. We started our assignment on 20th January 2013 (Saturday). Roughly around 9:30am, we gathered at the hostel lobby and headed to the church around 10:00 am. As we reached, we met Mdm. Huang. We were brought to the church library and we were told to wait there until 11:00 am as the church pastor was busy with the wedding ceremony. Between that period of time, we gathered along and had a briefing on what we were supposed to do that morning. We also did some research on the annual magazine in the library of Trinity Methodist Church. (refer to photo 1). We walked around the church and took some photos of the church including library, office and worshipping hall of Trinity Methodist Church (refer to photo 2-5).  

History of Trinity Methodist Church
We finally got to meet with Rev. Dr Lu Hui Ming. Through the interview, we were told that Trinity Methodist Church came into being on 19th August 1984, when it held its first worship service at its present premises, 57 Ellis Road, Kuching. The church was formed by the congregation of the Chin-Fu...
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