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In the opening line, Montresor states that he has suffered a thousand injuries at the hand of Fortunato but now Fortunato has also insulted him and this is too much to take. Therefore, Montresor plots revenge. However, there is an indication that Montresor is insane because of lack of proof that Fortunado has ever injured or insulted him and of Fortunado’s friendly behaviors towards Montresor. In the whole story, Montresor has never narrated a single incident of injury or an act of insult that pushes him to the edge, that makes him a murderer. And even if Fortunado has done the thing that he, in Montresor’s mind, did, why would Montresor revenge for just one single insult? Wouldn’t “a thousand injuries” make a better motive for killing (Poe)? Therefore, Montresor’s reason to murder one person seems very unreasonable. Furthermore, later when they meet at the carnival, Fortunado is very friendly towards Montresor. If he has ever injured Montresor a thousand times for real, he will avoid meeting Montresor at the beginning. If Fortunado has insulted Montresor recently, he should have talked about that incident, or he may even say sorry about it. He can’t just let it go. Nevertheless, Fortunado has hardly mentioned it, and he is very cordial, like they’re best friends. Not only does Fortunato act friendly, but then volunteers to leave the carnival to go with Montresor to his home to test the Amontillado. Fortunato's vanity in being a connoisseur is part of that willingness, but surely he would not have been so cheerful in doing Montresor such a favor. Finally, Fortunato, this supposed enemy of Montresor, goes down into Montresor's cellar without the slightest bit of hesitation in being all alone in the dark cellar with someone he has supposedly injured and insulted. Montresor’s lack of proof and Fortunado’s warm actions both eliminate the idea that Fortunado is Montresor’s enemy. The one conclusion that can be drawn from the contradiction between Montresor's words and...
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