Monthly Technical Report

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|Pretoria depot – Technical Report | | | |December 2011 | | |


1Month Performance3
1.1Planned Maintenance3
1.1.1Services planned versus services done3
1.1.2Rate of return jobs3
1.1.3Amount of Job cards captured in VMS3
1.1.4Average Artisan time spend working per month3
2Defects in the workshops attended to3
2.2Attended to, resolved, unresolved and action plan3
3.1Health and Safety compliance4
6Plans for the Following Month5

Month Performance

1 Planned Maintenance

1 Services planned versus services done

• Service interval: 30,000 km (MB)

• Expected services: 50 (MB)

• Actual services: 16 (MB)

• Actual AIT’s: L48=73, C48=80, C78=31

• Actual Brake Test: 97

The service target could not be met due to accounts problems and operational demands.

2 Rate of return jobs

• ZBL463GP: still at Mercedes overheating.

3 Amount of Job cards captured in VMS

• VMS status of not working due to technical reasons remains the same.

4 Average Artisan time spend working per month

• VMS system not yet functional for the admin official guys to draw reports from the system.

Defects in the workshops attended to

1 Breakdowns

• High breakdowns reported as follows

|Punctures |8 | |Air corn Defective |4 | |Wipers not working |4 | |W/ screen crakecd |4 | |Lights short circuits |3 | |Bus not taking gears |3 | |Bus not starting |3 |



2 Attended to, resolved, unresolved and action plan

3.2.1Resolved issues

• All COF’s done as planned.

• ZBL463GP sorted out for overheating problem.

3.2.2 The following issues remain unresolved:

• Bus internal services not yet started due to account problems with Mercedes Zandfontein.

3.2.3 Action plan

• Constantly engage MBSA to start on the 03 January 2011 as discussed with Dave Steyn and also try to keep the account up to date so that Mercedes can be able to operate on site.

• The buyer to be moved to workshop and be managed by the workshop manager.


4.1 Health and Safety compliance

• No incidents were reported for the month of September.

• Earplugs and dust musk are constantly used at the workshop.

4.2 Stock counting

• Monthly stock count carried out by stock controllers in other to ensure that, the stock balances at the store and there is compliance in our store.

4.3 Body Shop dept

• No minor body building jobs carried out due to outstanding orders and health related issues.

4.4 Windscreens

• 41 Windscreens were replaced in the workshop. BRAF is constantly available at the depot to assist with the speedy replacement of windscreen.

4.5 Tyre dept

• 70 Buses worked on and 191 new tyres fitted

• 66 Buses had tyre rotation and 119 tyres fitted

• 786 Buses tyre pressure checked and torque

• 10 Breakdowns attended


Major challenges were (and...
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