Monster: Energy Drink at Its Finest

Topics: Energy drinks, Monster Energy, Red Bull Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: February 26, 2009
Ethan Parrish Mr. Tate Comp 1 Tonkawa December 3, 2008 Monster Energy Drink: On Top of the Game. The can stands at approximately six inches tall and only has 16 ounces inside of the can. The can is made out of aluminum and is very easy to carry around wherever you are going. It’s tab at the top of the can matches the color of the Monster that it goes with. Some people would say that Red Bull is better because it “improves performance and increases concentration (redbullusa)”, but I find that when I drink a Monster that it does the same exact thing without the crash and burn effects like Red Bull. Monsters also give you more to drink and enjoy unlike Red Bulls which only gives you 8 ounces to enjoy, which, let’s face it, isn’t very much to drink if you are very thirsty. I, for one, have tried both the Red Bull and the Monster energy drinks, and I, being a college student, like the Monster energy drink not only for its cheap price at convenience stores but for its amazing taste. The taste of a Monster energy drink is hard to describe, but I think it kind of tastes like some sugar powder out of a Pixie Stix. The Monster energy also gives you more to drink and will give the same amount of energy as any other energy drink. With many types of energy drinks out in the market today, it’s easy to see how many people could like a different type of energy drink than a can of Monster. Therefore, I insist that if you haven’t tried a can of a Monster energy drink that you buy one and try for yourself. If you don’t like it, then that’s okay, but I give you my word that Monster energy drinks taste amazing and should be tried at least once in a person’s lifetime. Works Cited Yahoo Shopping.
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