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We are introducing monster energy drink. Monster Energy drink is a soft drink advertised as boosting energy. This drink usually does not emphasize energy derived from the calories. They contain, but rather through a choice of caffeine, vitamins, and herbal supplements the manufacturer has combined. The special herbs and ingredients used in this energy drink are mostly from Chinese herb stock. We targeted both gender male & female and we used most effective techniques for our product and services with proper reasons.

Product profile Monster energy drink “Raise the beast “

Monster energy drink is a high quality drink with qualitative ingredients like ginseng, carbonated water, and glucuronolactone. It is mainly a diet drink containing less sugar level and favored with caffeine. The presence of guarana seed gives maximum kick to the resting cells in the body with natural flavour. Monster energy drink is specially targeted to customers above 15 years to 45 years. Monster energy drink is a differentiative product with the presence of unique ingredients. On the other hand it is a medium range drink easily available in any food shop.

Target Market

We have chosen behavioral and demographic segmentation because of the customers we have targeted and the benefit sought by them. Our segmentation strategy is targeting both gender male and female and the age group between 15 to 45 years. Overall gender 100% Male 65%

Female 35%

Our target groups are:
Young people
Sports men

Characteristics of the target group
Loss of energy
Hard working
Less sleep
Engage in physical activities

Promotional techniques

We have planned to use 2 promotional techniques for our marketing plan according to our budget and the targeted following by the reasons for choosing the promotional activities.

Sales promotion such as free sample and special offers
Advertisement through poster, newspaper, radio and television

Reasons for choosing these promotional techniques

Direct communication to the customers which makes east informing and getting feedbacks Knowledge about the product by drink testing through free sample Media being more effective, can reach to customers anywhere they are for more product publicity Information reaches wider target audience via television, radio and newspaper

Cost effective
Depending upon the advertise we do they cost effectiveness varies some are cheap and some are expensive but the motive is anyhow deliver the product information to the customers everywhere and the present investment is the future gain.

Postures- cheap costing (only printing cost)
Free sample- future investment (direct publicity)
Newspaper- cheap and wider coverage
Radio and television- expensive but more effective against the future gain
Aim purpose and objects

We aim to sell healthy drink at the very reasonable price. We will be selling our products at a profitable outcome by launching quality product because we understand what the customers really want from the products and services delivered. We also aim to create brand awareness to the customers as our drink is new in the market and building a trustful relationship with the customers in the ongoing business.

Budget for promoting monster energy drink
Total $17,000

Item | Expense | | Advertisement |
Administrative cost| $1000| |
TV broadcasting| $4000| |
Developing material| $2500| |
Designing TV advertisement| $3000| |
Designing the radio advertisement| $2500| |
Developing material| $1000...
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