Monica Ashley Case

Topics: Leadership, The Key, The Players Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: March 13, 2012
Why do you think that Monica Ashley was so interested in pushing so hard to implement Project Hippocrates? What made her interested in the project?

At first Monica was not interested in leading Project Hippocrates, she intended on moving up in the ranks within her company. However, she was known for intensity and energy when working on a project and figured that she would throw herself at the project and perhaps after one more high-profile success she could move out of program/project management. Also, Monica believed that the President Gary Dorr wanted her to run the Hippocrates project and knew her as a go-getter, who would challenge anyone and analyze extensive data to back up her arguments. It seemed that the leadership she respected entrusted her with this project and she was not going to let them down.

Why was Monica driving so hard to meet her self-imposed deadlines?

Monica struggled to meet her deadlines because she believed that meeting those deadlines, and presenting factual data would be the way to win over leadership when it came down to making key decisions regarding the data that she was presenting. She wasted no time making political connections, instead focused all her energy on meeting deadlines to achieve the greater goal of garnering senior leadership buy-in behind her and her ideas.

Who were the key players that Monica needed to interact with to make Project Hippocrates Successful? How did each of them view the project? Who was supportive of Monica and the project and who was not? What was important to each of the players?

The key players were Gary Dorr, President, Ralph Parker, VP of Signal Processor Design, Dan Stella, VP of Maj. Production Line Design, ED Kane, a manager reporting to Ralph Parker.

Gary Dorr viewed the project as key to the organization and trusted Monica to achieve success as she had before, but during the project he switched his view drastically as she did not heed his advice regarding her...
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