Cathy Benko: Winning at Deloitte Case Study

Topics: Management, Goal, Pick Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: November 30, 2011
The Woman Manager
Cathy Benko: WINning at Deloitte

Cathleen Benko’s approach to negotiations is to generally push back on every suggestion anyone ever makes. She doesn’t take anything on blind faith. She weighs the pros and cons of everything and limits her options. Based on her skills, she was able to pick and choose what she wanted to do. She researched her projects and clients prior to any major decisions that she made which helped her to proactively manage her career. Her approach is to build relationships. Her focus is never on the immediate picture but she envisioned a bigger picture and how it would benefit everyone involved. She focused on her accomplishment and goals. She had a strong belief in mentoring people which brought her great joy and it wasn’t focused strictly on just women. She believed in sharing the wealth and helping others to achieve her goals. She is not an advocate of controversy. She did not come into the organization with the goal to be where she currently is, it evolved as she got better and better in her projects. It was not her suggestion to become a partner; she was focused on her child at the time. I think that the implication of her choices were that she was analyzed her decisions and once made, she forged forward with it. She was not concerned about succeeding or failing, her strategy was being customer oriented and making sure that the customers were pleased with the products. She categorizes her career, clients, goals, accomplishments, and the company that she keeps. She is not afraid of challenges and looks forward when a mission is successfully completed. She is a great role model for those who aspire to reach the top.
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