Money vs. Education Value

Topics: High school, Education, Standardized test Pages: 4 (1547 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Money vs. True Value of Education

As a child growing up doing well in school was never an option. The only this I had to do was go to school and make good grades. Now that I think about it school was my job and my paycheck was the knowledge I was gaining. This generation now-a-days have the idea that they should be rewarded finically for doing well. Students should not offered finical incentives to do well on standardize test in school. Schools should not give into to paying students for their performance. It is understood that in order to keep a school in good academic standings you have to make sure students do well on the standardized test. The test scores not only reflect the school but also represent each student as an individual. So you can see why it is important for students to do well but should that really mean at all cost. For many years teachers have been teaching the material for the long term knowledge now it seems as if they are just beginning to teach just for testing. There are some major disadvantages when trying to offer students financial incentives to do well on standardized test. Education should be viewed as a privilege. Many students take educations for granted. Not knowing that in some countries education is still not free let along for all males and females. You even have some certain types of schools here in the USA that you have to pay for high school education. I would think since students know that one day you will have to pay to further your education that they would take advantage of the free opportunity now. Not only is the education free but it is almost certain that at some point of another you the material that one is learning will resurface there will be the few exceptions and you will have the students who have a passion to learn and will need no further incentives to do well in school. Below is chart that shows the cost of college tuition and other few that one occurs when going off to college to further ones...
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