Psychometrics Versus Standardized Tests

Topics: Standardized test, Psychometrics, High school Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: January 18, 2013
I believe that we should have a standardized test for High School students to graduate. It is a way of measuring basic skills of students. It puts all the knowledge of what we have learned over the past 12 years to the test. It’s put in a test to see how much you’ve truly learned and to prepare you for your adult life. Another reason we should have this standardized test is because it will better prepare the students for college. Students are given this final test and are released into the real world. They have a better understanding of basic arithmetic, reading, and writing that could help to get a good job.

The business industry often complains about high school graduates not being able to provide the skills needed to do the job. Future employers aren’t going to take it easy on you, and they expect you to have the basic skills to do the job. These students are becoming adults and nobody is going to baby or hold their hand. The test gets you ready for the real world and all the other tests that life is going to throw their way. It shows the students that there are so many obstacles in life that they are going to have to overcome but if they work hard and give it their all they should have no problem to get past these obstacles. Life is just one big test.

Every year the tests change and it’s a fair way to show what the students learned from the previous years and corresponds to what they should have learned in class. They also allow students’ progress to be checked. It’s easy to see if a student is losing ground academically, improving, or staying about the same. It gives parents a good idea how their son or daughter is doing academically and as compared to other students across the country and locally. Since all the students are taking the same test, standardized tests provide accurate comparison. People often say that we as a nation should put our trust and faith into the students. I have a hard time doing that this with all the kids dropping out of...
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