Money Does Not Buy Happiness

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Emily Janszen
Ms. Wiley
Bell 4 Literary Genre
17 February 2010
Money Does Not Buy Happiness
A teenage girl for her birthday gets a Coach purse instead of a Gucci purse, so she is not satisfied. This teenage girl complaining to her mother about the purse relates to Mathild in the story “The Necklace,” by Guy de Maupassant for she too, is never happy with the life she is given. The short story “The Necklace” is one of the best short stories due to the author’s excellent use of literary elements. To begin, the plot helps to keep the story going, because it is interesting and easily relatable. To continue, the setting of the story is set in Paris, France, in the 1850’s which makes it harder to relate to, but you realize that in Paris it is all about social class. Lastly, the main character does not change at all throughout the story, which is different, than in most short stories. All in all, this short story is an excellent story for incoming freshman to read. To begin the plot in this story, which encompasses all the parts of the story renders towards the theme. First, the plot in this story entices the reader to see what will happen next. Mathild is a young woman who was always wishing for more than she had and never was satisfied. She wanted to live in a fabulous house filled with luxurious furnishings and have all the stylish clothing, but she never did. This keeps the reader wondering what will happen in her future. Secondly, the plot makes the reader wonder if the character will change throughout the story. Mathild grieved of not having all that she wanted, throughout the whole story. This is the conflict in the story, how she doesn’t have what she wants, but at the end she still wants lavish things. It makes one wonder if she will change her ways and learn to appreciate what she does have. Thirdly, the plot makes the reader wonder if she will ever appreciate what she does have. Her husband who loved her very much, got them invitations to a...
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