The Selfishness in the Necklace

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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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The Selfishness in “The Necklace”
In the story “The Necklace”, by Guy de Maupassant, all the characters are the same, they present the same behavior by showing that they think only of themselves rather than of others. When we take a close look to the story, especially to the main character, Ms. Loisel, we reveal that she does not only suffer because of her cheap belongings, and wanting expensive things, but she dreams of wealth and how her friends would envy her if she could display finery. By looking at the behavior of the character in ”The Necklace”we see more than a story about a spoiled selfish woman, we see that is a story about a whole society, with selfish people thinking only of their own importance. Ms. Loisel is very selfish throughout the story. She shows her selfishness when she wants to be rich and to live in a nice house. She also shows her selfishness when she wants to wear expensive clothing and jewelry to the party. Ms. Loisel is very selfish because she wants these things only for herself. Ms. Loisel is not a poor woman, she is a middle class, she has the basic necessities for her to live a good life, but she wants more than just that. Everything she wants is the wealth and good social status that she does not and cannot have. She feels depressed every time she thinks about wealth or visits Ms. Forrestier, her “rich friend, a comrade from convent days, whom she did not want to see anymore because she suffered so much when she returned home.” Ms. Loisel also reveals her selfishness when her husband brings the invitation to the ball and she makes him to buy her a new dress for the party. This is selfish because she said that doesn’t have anything new to wear, and she would rather not go to the party. Her husband bought her a new dress, but she still doesn’t want to go to the party. She said that she does not have any jewelry to wear with her new dress. When they are to the party she also shows her selfishness. She goes to the...
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