Mom and Dad

Topics: Mother, Father, Family Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Victor Lacayo
Mrs. Dupuis
English II-6
23 January 2013

Mom and Dad
Shelia Lacayo and Victor Lacayo are both loving parents, who provide for Victor in different but important ways. Victor’s mother, Shelia Lacayo, always pushes her son to do his best. Shelia always helps her son with anything, such as homework, making friends, or supporting him in sports. Sometimes, Victor makes mistakes and there are consequences that follow. She has a more harsh punishment and deprives him of his luxuries, such as video games, television, iPod, and cell phone. She does this to make him learn his lesson, and the punishment teaches him to be a better person. Shelia always provides Victor with food on the table every day and night. She tends to any injuries or sicknesses Victor has to make him healthy again. Also, she buys clothes for him to keep his body warm and in good condition. Shelia wants make sure that Victor’s spiritual life continues to increase so she takes him to church as much as possible. She says that God is the most important thing to have in one’s life and aids with any problems one might have. On the other hand, Victor’s dad handles discipline by talking to his son and to encourage him not to make the same mistakes again. He says that Victor has to learn from his mistakes in order to progress in life. Victor’s father, Victor Lacayo, provides a roof over his son’s head. He takes care of all the utilities, such as electricity, light, water, and heat. Also, he drives me anywhere I need to be, such as school. Victor’s dad wants his son to be a great man in the world so he talks about his mistakes and achievements in life that made Victor’s father who he is today. In closing, Shelia and Victor Lacayo are caring guardians who contribute to his son’s needs in unique but significant ways.
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