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Questions relating to the Mini Case Study
* Question 1.
* In your opinion, what problems will Ann Turnbull probably face?

* Answer 1.
Possible problems which Ann Turnbull will face:
1. Employees who left to work overtime, dissatisfaction.
2. Tony malignant behavior in the future.
3. Dangers to Ann’s reputation in the future.
4. Other employees can follow Tony’s behavior example.

* Question 2
* Considering elements and principles from this subject, what approach would you recommend Ann uses in giving instructions?

* Answer 2.
Ann should stay calm and confident, she need to show to other employees that she is the only person, who is making the main decisions. She should talk politely even then when her employee is not professional in his words.

Possible plan for the problem:
1. Identify the real problem;
2. Find the reasons of the problem;
3. If it’s necessary to talk with each employee about the situation; 4. Instructions should sound like offer with gratitude and docility. 5. Instructions should sound like motivation for the future.

The first step is to hold a meeting (an informal affair) with the employee. You explain where the employee is falling short, what standard is not being met, and discuss the matter fully to see if the reason for the poor performance can be established. The important thing is to establish to cause – if you don't know the cause, you cannot treat the problem. Treating the symptoms is a useless exercise – the problem will not go away unless you treat the cause. Whatever the cause, Ann have to try to find a mutually acceptable way of dealing with it – it may be training that is required, it may be that you have to refer the employee to an outside body. At the end of the counseling session, the employee must be warned of the consequences of failure to improve where such warning is appropriate. Bear in mind that the aim of the counseling...
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