Fifth Discipline

Topics: Thing, Causality, Time Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: December 22, 2011
Lecture 4
The Law of Fifth Discipline

Today lecture begins with a qualitative discussion of 11 Laws of the Fifth Discipline; 1. Today’s problem comes from yesterday solution
2. The harder you push the harder the system pushes back
3. Behavior grows better before it grows worse
4. The easy way out usually leads back in
5. The cure can be worse than the disease
6. Faster is slower
7. Cause and effect not closely related in time and space 8. Small changes can produce big results
9. Dividing elephant in half doesn’t produce two small elephants 10. There is no Blame
11. You can have your cake and eat it too but not at once Firstly, most of the problem come from the past which the employee need to analyze the past solution to solve and continue with the present. Moreover, the system of the organization has been slow down because the people in the organization push too hard on it. So, it turns out to be the more effort you expend trying to improve matters, the more effort seems to be required. Another thing is that bad solutions often work in the short run, giving the illusion that they are real solution. But as a result, we are often sedated into thinking the problem has been solved when it has only been bandaged over. It is called behaviour grows better before it grows worse. Moreover, the easy way out usually leads back in is that sometime we have to stick around with the old method or the method we have been used it before. It can be solved the solution and easy way to lead back and complete with the best result. On the other hand, the cure can be worse than the disease because some of the thing can be familiar solution but it can be addictive and shifting the burden to intervene. Moreover, making things to be faster way can make them slower as if you do things without thinking but rashly, the finish rate will be slow down the system. Furthermore, cause and effect not closely related in time and space because...
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