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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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The One and Only YOUNG DRIVERS .

Not only your licence, your licence to survive.
® Welcome to the world of YOUNG DRIVERS.

The Young Drivers/ Collision free! Approach to Driving, program thoroughly provides each student with realistic and relevant strategies and tactics for safe driving. The in-class sessions cover the following topics :

The keys to becoming a better driver
-- The driving environment -- The psychology of learning -- Introduction to Collisionfree! Approach to Driving -- Introduction to DriveFit

Emergency situations
Risk perception
-- Recognizing high-risk situations -- Becoming proactive -- The effect of attitude, expectations, and beliefs on driving -- Improving your seeing habits

The Collisionfree! Approach to Driving
-- Acquiring effective seeing habits -- Maintain space -- Communicating effectively with other road users -- Avoiding collisions

Driving responsibly
-- Seat belts, air bags, and child restraint -- Traffic psychology -- The licensing process (points, probation, graduated licensing ) -- Preparing for your driving test -- some hints from our expert instructors

Survival Tactics
-- Freeway/Highway driving -- Dangers associated with high-speed driving -- How to pass safely -- Emergency maneuvers -- Avoiding head-on collisions -- Emergency braking, swerving, and rear crash avoidance

Taking care of yourself and your vehicle
-- The Collisionfree! Approach to Driving (intermediate) -- How to reduce fuel consumption and wear on your vehicle -- Basic preventative vehicle maintenance -- Auto insurance -- The Collisionfree! Approach to Driving (advanced) -- Common collision scenarios -- Handling some common but dangerous situations -- Dealing with emergency vehicles -- What to do at the scene of a crash

Handling adverse conditions
-- Survival tactics for driving at night -- Rain and winter driving techniques for avoiding skids -- Alcohol, drugs and other causes of...
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