Age Requirements for Driver's License Raising

Topics: Driver's license, Adolescence, United States Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Tommy Byrd
Mrs. Clarke
English 12
20 February 2013
Age Requirements for Driver's License Raising?

Well the current age requirement for a person's driver's license is 16 and 3 months (License Eligibility.) and a lot of people are saying that America should change it to 18 years old to have it (Magazine for High School.). The arguments for it are all about the fact that most teenage drivers are unsafe and have a high statistic to crash more often than adults (Magazine for High School).. The arguments against it are about the fact that experience is the best teacher especially with motor skills and getting it later won't help with that (Magazine for High School.). Some people don't really have an opinion on this subject because no matter what teen drivers will get into accidents just due to inexperience (NHTSA.). The driver's license requirement age is an often argued about topic in the United States whether its for, against, or neutral towards it. The arguments for changing the required age to 18 include the face that teenagers have a higher statistic of crashing than adults do. The percentage of teens that got into accidents in 2010 is 30% and they make up only 14% of the United States population (CDC.) meaning that a huge problem is there but a shocking 39% had been speeding while 25% had been drinking that means 64% of the accidents were done by criminals (CDC.). Changing the license age seems like an obvious solution at first glance due to the fact that the drivers would be more mature but it doesn't necessarily mean they will be better drivers. The arguments against it include that the best teacher is experience which is usually seen as true to most people. The fact that teenagers are usually in more accidents are probably because they have less experience than that of the older drivers. So raising the driver's license age requirement won't have too much of an effect except maybe for maturity. That is the main argument on the side of against raising...
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