Module 10 Free Response Essay Ap Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Psychotherapy, Fear Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: March 25, 2012
Module 10 Free Response
Kyle Richardson
Psychodynamic: One advantage of psychodynamic therapy is the relationship that is formed between the psychologist and the patient. The patient is able to form trust in the psychologist which makes it easier for them to talk about their problems. Another advantage is the ability for the psychologist to give a human opinion. They can tell the client what they think is best for them specific to the client’s needs. Client-centered: The advantage of this is the fact that the client is the one to guide him or herself. The psychologist is only there to channel the person’s thoughts but not to judge, direct, or interpret them. Secondly, this procedure is very encouraging. It gives the client a feeling of acceptance and makes them think that there is hope to be cured. Counterconditioning: An advantage of counterconditioning is that it makes the person face the fear that consumes them. In exposure therapies, the person is put in the situation that he or she fears and is forced to face it and act in a calm manor. The second advantage would be that the person is conditioned to shy away from a problem. An unwanted response is paired with a problem (such as an addiction) which will make the person not want to go back to that problematic item. Cognitive-behavioral: The advantage of this psychotherapy is that incorporates the functioning of the brain and finding out how they can change its function to change the mood of the patient. This goes onto more of a biological level, providing treatment that can be administered medically instead of only speaking to a psychologist. The other advantage of this is that it will alter the way the person acts altogether. They will become calm if they are anxious and or make people aware of their negativity and teach them to replace it with positive thoughts.
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