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Topics: Marriage, Family, Mother Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Modern Family: Stereotype Central

Modern Family is a show full of different stereotypes. The first or "pilot" episode of Modern Family showed a lot of strong evidence towards the show challenging dominant ideology. By representing the stereotype of the gay marriage between Cameron and Mitchell, this show successfully challenges the dominant ideology of a straight marriage, in which the child has both a mother and a father, and not just two fathers. When the audience sees this, they now see that a family can be run in many different ways. Cameron and Mitchell are both fathers of a new born Vietnamese baby that they adopted and named Lily. However unlike some people may believe, both partners of this marriage do not come off as extremely feminine like homo-sexual males are usually stereotyped to be. In this relationship, just like any other relationship there is somewhat of an acting mother and father, however they just happen to both be fathers. Cameron is more of the father between the two because of the way he acts, he is a lot more uptight and doesn't like to act "gay" ever or even let people know that he is gay. Mitchell on the other hand is a lot more dramatic and caring; he doesn't care if people know he is gay and has a big heart. At one point of the episode, when they arrive back home after adopting Lily, Cameron and Mitchell arrive in Lily's new room and there is a picture of Cameron and Mitchell painted on the wall where they are dressed as fairy's above her crib. Cameron had no idea this was going to be there, and showed it through these words "Your fathers are floating fairies. No, can you call Andre? Have him paint something a little less… gay? By the way, we need to stop having friends with names like Andre. “This quote clearly shows that Cameron is a lot more uptight and like other couples both parents have disagreements at time, however we find it funnier in this case because we are seeing it through the view of two fathers which is not the...
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