Inclusion and Equality

Topics: Discrimination, Special education, Disability Pages: 13 (2710 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Task 1

Explain briefly what is meant by the terms equality, diversity and inclusion. Write your answers in the boxes below:

|Diversity |The difference between individuals and groups in society e.g cultures and religion | |Equality |To see each child as an individual and help them achieve what they are good at | |Inclusion |Identifying understanding and breaking down barriers to participation and belonging |

Task 2

Each of the scenarios below involves some kind of discrimination. What do you think will be the consequences of the discrimination if nothing is done to challenge it? Fill in the table below. An example has been completed for you.

|Scenario |Potential consequences | |Jasmin and Katy laugh at him and say he must be a girl, because only |Paul might be very embarrassed and avoid ‘feminine’ activities in future,| |girls play with the tea-set. |which could adversely affect his development. Or he may become withdrawn | | |since he feels he is not allowed to play with a toy he enjoys. Hemay also| | |become angry towards Jasmin and Katy. | |Heather uses a wheelchair. Practitioner Frances is worried that she will |Heather will feel very left out she may become angry towards the | |get hurt in an outdoor game so she leaves her by the window watching |practitioner because she is not able to participate with the other | |while the other children play |children, she will feel very upset and feel she will never be able to | | |participate in outdoor activities when im sure her life is already | | |difficult enough. | |Danyl’s father is black. Practitioner Marcia is very suspicious of him |Marcia is judging danyl’s father this prejudice can have harmful effects | |and when she loses her new fountain pen one day she asks around to see if|especially if the child over hears this comment and that child has a | |he has been near her desk, saying ‘you just can’t trust that sort’. |different skin colour or other members of staff it could be considered | | |as racist and this is unexceptable | |Darren, three, is from a gypsy/traveller family newly arrived in the |This prejudice will be harmful to the child as he needs to be treated the| |area. Mark, his room leader, says it’s not worth making any effort with |same as everyone else no matter where he comes from he still needs to be | |Darren because he’ll be leaving again soon. |taught if he is disregarded in this way then it will effect his overall | | |development and will damage his confidence and self esteem as he will | | |feel he is not worth bothering with. | |Kim’s mother Laida has limited mobility and cannot speak. She uses a |Laida will feel left out of her childs education she will feel | |voice synthesizer. Usha, Kim’s room leader, finds it challenging to speak|discriminated against and feel like she is not important enough to get | |to Laida, so...
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