Modern Educational System

Topics: Education, Higher education, History of education Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Modern education system
I decided to write about education system in Ukraine because I think it is very common problem and because I’m a student as well. Educational system in Ukraine at the present stage is sufficiently complex and hard-to-reach for citizens. Despite the fact that officially education is considered to be free of charges on all levels for children, in reality parents confront series of problems that are not so easy to deal with, unless they have certain savings of money. So for example, parents are obliged to reserve places in kindergartens even before the children are born. Because if you do not do this by the time your child is three years old there will be no more vacant place left. And of course we must not forget that all institutions of preschool educations under one reason or another demand financial contribution for various needs. The same range of problems is applied to school education with distinction that parents are forced to purchase different teaching material on their own in many cases. Another very important subject matter is related to the field of physical activity for children and teenagers. It is well known that for everyone, who is nearly six or seven years old, immovable pastime on the lessons for forty five minutes is nearly a torture and fifteen minutes of break are not enough for proper progress and harmony of such a young and growing organism. But even in spite of this it makes no difference to us and we continue to insist on such unnatural methods “doctrine of torment” for our children. The question is why? Against the background of this day’s schedule we are confronting the constant cases of children’s overwork and fatal outcomes. The structure of higher education in Ukraine according to its ideology and goals corresponds to the structure of education in most developed countries of the world. It is very important that in March, 2005 Ukraine has joined the Bologna system and became an active participant of...
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