Usa and Russian Education

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1,Russian and American Systems of Higher Education are similar in their pursuit of knowledge as a goal but are quite different in their organization and operation. Firstly, to enter an institution of higher education in Russia an applicant should write an application and pass entrance examinations. Sometimes there is the so-called “contest of school-living certificates’ at universities. To become a student in the USA one should have: application, high school record, recommendations from teachers, personal commentary and interview. Secondly, the systems of higher education in these countries differ in academic calendar. Though in both countries academic year lasts for nine months, in Russia there are no summer classes. As for the number of subjects studied during one term, in Russia there are no less than nine and in America there are only four or five. Besides, in contrast to Russian Universities, American ones lack national administration, each of the fifty states controls and directs its own schools. American students attend courses at various colleges. During the first two years they follow a basic programme. After the first two years every student majors in one subject and minors in another. In addition to these courses he can select other subjects according to his professional interest. Nevertheless the most striking difference between the two systems of education is the system of grades. Although in both countries a five-point scale is used, in the USA the levels of achievement are indicated with letters, where A – is the highest mark and the letters go through B, C, D, E to F which denotes failure. The third differing feature is student financial aid. If in Russia applicants for entry pass their entrance examinations successfully they are admitted to the University free of charge, otherwise they must pay a tuition fee. Scholarship and grant can be got only by successful students. In America both public and private universities are not free of charge....
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