Modern Aircraft Brakes

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The aircraft brake is dependent on the situation of the aircraft industry and influenced by the development of aerospace technology. As new designs and manufacturing processes do not occur very often, the worldwide operating competitors will have to analyse every new aircraft on the market and evaluate the cost and profit. Various modern equipments and processing methods are used for the manufacturing of new type of brakes. Some of them are Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines, Laser cutting machinery and Chemical processing (anodize and conversion coating). EABS (Electrically Actuated Braking System) will be use in the future generation of aircrafts. The tests carried out on an Airbus A340-600 create the history in modern aviation, since it was the first time that a commercial aircraft has braked using entirely electrically actuated brakes. The objective of this program has been to evaluate the advantages electrically actuated braking technology offers when compared to the current hydraulically actuated brake technologies. The flight testing campaign consisted of landings with automatic braking and aborted take-offs. The companies had already made its mark on the world of aviation with the first mass production of carbon brake disks in 1985. This latest major technological innovation is also representative of the revolution taking place in the aeronautical industry, where it is already taken for granted that the airplane of the future will be all-electric. [16] Till now most of the airliner brakes have been actuated by means of a hydraulic system. An electrically-controlled braking system offers many advantages by comparison and a number of positive results: shorter delivery schedules, weight savings, reduced fuel consumption, reduced maintenance costs and improved aircraft availability. Electrically actuated braking system will also simplify the manufacturer’s production line. Another positive point for the aircraft operators is that an electrical fault does not entail immobilization of the aircraft, as a hydraulics failure would. Maintenance costs can also be reduced, since first-level operations are facilitated (no hydraulic system purging needed). The end of hydraulics will also mean the end of the consequences arising from hydraulic system leaks; one element of the fire risk in aircrafts. [17] Due to the development in the technology in electronics and manufacturing of Electrically Actuated Braking system, the pilot will be able to monitor brake wear and tear directly from cockpit. Hence, having passed the test done on commercial aircraft in 2008, the electrical braking system looks to have promising future ahead.

Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) have been developed to overcome the brittleness and lack of reliability of monolithic ceramics, with a view to introduce ceramics in structural parts used in severe environments, such as rocket and jet engines, aircraft brakes, heat treatment furnaces, etc. The general use of CMCs in advanced aircrafts will allow an increase of the temperature at which the engine can be operated and eventually the elimination of the cooling fluids, both resulting in an increase of yield. Further, the use of light CMCs in manufacturing of aircraft brakes instead of heavy super alloys is significant weight saving. [4] A ceramic material is an inorganic and non-metallic compound made up of metallic and non–metallic bonding. They are very brittle and have little energy absorbsion and cannot undergo plastic deformation. A CMC material is made up of a monolithic ceramic reinforced with composite fibres to decrease the crack propagation in the material. This reinforced material can be used in manufacturing of aircraft brakes. PROPERTIES OF CMC: CMC materials have different mechanical and chemical...
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