Everyday Lessons From a Dad

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  • Published : December 3, 2010
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-1Ashley Coots

“Everyday Lessons From a Dad.”

I may not know everything about a car, but I have learned quite a bit from my father. Everyday lessons from dad always help in any situation, especially when you are the girl that walks into the mechanics station, and your looked at like you know absolutely nothing, and sadly, most of the time, you get taking advantage of. The purpose of this essay is to share my experience of changing brake pads, by giving a step-by-step guide.

“How to change Brake Pads on a car.”

Step One: Park your car in a comfortable working area. You may be here for a little while depending on your previous experience with cars.

Step Two: SAFETY FIRST! Make sure to block the back wheels to avoid the car from rolling after you have jacked it up. Also, make sure to place the car in park, set it firmly.

Step Three: Grab you toolbox. Its time to go to work! You should start with the front wheels. Grab the tire iron (long metal rod with a socket on the end, some people may have one that looks like a cross). Okay, so first you want to simply loosen the lug nuts, using the tire iron, just enough to break them free. Now, you’ll want to jack up your car.

Step Four: Now, you can proceed to take the lug nuts completely off and remove the wheel. As a safety precaution, you should place the under the front of the car. In an instance you have a faulty jack, the wheel will not only protect your car from bodily damage, but you as well.

Step Five: As your looking at this contraction, wondering ‘Where do I even begin?’, this process is actually very simple once you understand its components. So, you have 4 basic parts. You have the caliper, two brake pads, a rotor, and of course, some bolts and clips to hold everything in its place. “What are these so-called basic parts?”, well I am glad you asked. I will give a...
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