Mode of Relection

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Using a model of reflection
When writing your portfolio of practice you will be expected to include a piece of reflection after each placement. This reflection must relate to situations in your clinical work where you feel you have learnt something that is of value to your practice and future career. It maybe a positive experience where something went well or a negative one where you need to think about what has happened. From each piece of reflection you must identify what you have learned from the experience and how this relates to the theory that you have been taught or researched. To help you with this reflection there are several models that might be useful to help guide your reflection. You can choose any that you feel will help you. You only need to use one model. The ones that we recommend are the following, however there are many more in the literature that you might want to use and references are included for some of these.

Gibbs’ model of reflection (1988)
Description What happened? Action Plan If it arose again, what would you do? Feelings What were you thinking and feeling?

Conclusion What else could you have done? Analysis What sense can you make of the situation? (Gibbs 1988)

Evaluation What was good and bad about the experience?

Johns’ model of reflection (1994)
The following cues are offered to help practitioners to access, make sense of, and learn through experience.

Write a description of the experience What are the key issues within this description that I need to pay attention to?

What was I trying to achieve? Why did I act as I did? What are the consequences of my actions? • For the patient and family • For myself • For people I work with How did I feel about this experience when it was happening? How did the patient feel about it? How do I know how the patient felt about it?

Influencing factors
What internal factors influenced my decision-making and actions? What external factors influenced...
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