Mock Test: Information Technology Infrastructure Library

Topics: Information technology management, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, Outsourcing Pages: 12 (1743 words) Published: January 24, 2013
1.The Goal for Service Level Management is to maintain and improve the IT service quality through
a constant cycle of agreeing, monitoring and reporting upon IT service achievements

Reporting and management of all services

measuring existing services and the potential future requirements

monitoring service failures, reduction of service risks

2.Good example of a service can be described as?

Unix Server

Payroll Processing


Wide Area Network

3.What is the role of the Emergency Change Advisory Board (ECAB)?
To assist the Change Manager in ensuring that no urgent Changes are made during particularly volatile business periods To assist the Change Manager in evaluating Emergency Changes and to decide whether the changes should be approved To assist the Change Manager in speedier redressal change implementation issues within stakeholders To assist the Change Manager in implementing Emergency Changes

4.Functions are NOT described as?

Projects focusing on transformation

A body of process knowledge

Comprises activities, inputs and outputs

Self-Contained units of organizations

5.A service owner is responsible for which of the following?
Purchasing tools to support the service line

Monitoring and improving the process

Ensuring that the ongoing service delivery and support meet agreed customer requirements (a) Carrying out activities defined in the process

6.What is the purpose of the Request Fulfillment Process?

Dealing with Service Requests from the users

Making sure all requests within an IT Organization are fulfilled

Ensuring fulfillment of Change Requests

Making sure the service level agreement (SLA) are met

7.Which of the following does the service pipeline consists of?
Resources engaged or released in various phases of the service lifecycle

Services under development for a given market space or customer

Complete set of services that are currently managed by a service provider

Set of business outcomes facilitated by a service

8.Why should monitoring and measuring be used when trying to improve the services?
To validate, assign resources, purchase technology and train people

To validate, direct, justify and intervene

To validate, plan, act and improve

To validate, measure, monitor and change

9.Application Management is not responsible for?

Developing functionality required by the business

Managing applications through their lifecycle

Assisting in the decision to build or buy new software

Documenting and maintaining the technical skills required to manage and support applications 10.Which are the missing Service Operation processes from the following? I.Incident Management
II.Problem Management
III.Access Management

Facilities Management and Event Management

Event Management and Request Fulfillment

Event Management and Service Desk

Change Management and Service Level Management

11.‘If something cannot be measured, it should not be documented’ is a principle that applies to which of the following?
An incident management record

The glossary of terms

A service level agreement (SLA)

A configuration Item (CI)

12.One of the important roles of the supplier manager can be,
Negotiating and agreeing operational level agreements

Ensuring that all non-operational service are recorded within the service catalogue

Assisting with the production and maintenance of an accurate service catalogue

Ensuring value for money is from all IT suppliers

13.What is the best definition of an Incident Model?

A type of Incident involving a standard (or model) type of Configuration Item (CI)

A set of pre-defined steps to be followed when handling the Incident

The template used to define the...
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