Mock Exam, English by Norwegian Student.

Topics: English language, Lingua franca, French language Pages: 5 (2011 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Mock Exam 1stc 7th of December 2012
By Gard Detlev Oksendal
Task 1
1. The three most important differences between the writing styles in the two texts (Appendices 2 and 4) Difference one: The biggest difference between Appendix 2 and 4 is the fact that Appendix 2 is a short novel, which we don’t know if it’s true or not compared to Appendix 4 who is an informative text with clear fact and reasoning. App 2 is taken from the book “the house on mango street”, which clearly is a novel in contrast to App 4 which is an article from Newsweek, 2011.

Difference two: App 2 is written in short sentences with many stops. The text is actually written a bit mysterious way. App 4 on the other hand is a coherent text, where the message of the text is clear.

Difference three: In App 4 they use real – life stories to underline their facts. In contrast, App 2 is written out of Sandra Cisneros free fantasy and thoughts. Maybe this story is based on some kind of truth, but it doesn’t say anything about it. 2. The advantages as well as the disadvantages of moving abroad, seen from a young person’s point of view. Here are some of my arguments whether I think it is a good choice or not to move abroad as a young person. As far as I can think, there are much more advantages by moving abroad as a young person, rather than not moving. I have made two lists, one with advantages the other one with disadvantages: Advantages

* You learn to know other cultures, which can be really positive. Not just for the knowledge, but also the fact that you as a human really can grow by knowing and accepting foreign cultures. * Of course it depends on the place you go, but let`s say for example that you are an American, who is considering moving to Asia, there are many good reasons to do so: * Asia is the up and coming in the world these days. If you are able to communicate with them in their native language, they often go in with more will in for example a negotiation, or simply just a small talk, getting to know the cute girl you saw at the club last night. Another language you might want to learn is German. Germans are some of the most organized and economic people in the world. If you know their native language, most people will meet you with open arms. * When I read through Appendix 4 in the booklet you handed out, I held on to one sentence which describes the situation in the world today in a very good way. Let me quote Jim Rodgers from the text “How to Raise a Global Kid” by Lisa Miller: “The money is in the East, the Debtors are in the West. I`d rather be with the creditors than the debtors.” * Even tough, English is becoming bigger and bigger as a second-language despite the big debt problems they have in the US. 200 million Chinese Schoolchildren are studying English, and in South Korea many parents lost their temper recently. The reasoning behind was that they wanted their kids to learn English at first grade, rather than in second as they practice today. * Yes, English is really important as a world language up to this date, despite the fact that Asia is growing bigger and bigger, US drowning in their enormous debt that only increases with millions each minute you read this text. So your English will definitely help you when moving abroad. * Asia is just an advice to where you could move, but there are many different places you can go. So my advice to the youth out there who is considering moving abroad: Go for it!

* One of the disadvantages by moving abroad as young is the fact that you don’t get as much safety as you would get growing up in your own country. On some children, this can make a huge impact and even damage to them later in life. * Other cultures may get a bit too exotic, crazy and alien in some ways. You can get shocked; some are able handle it and even learn from it, some people are definitely not. So if you are a bit weak, a bit afraid of the unknown and other cultures,...
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