Mobile Tv and Its Future Success

Topics: Mobile phone, Mobile network operator, Cellular network Pages: 7 (2406 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Manfred von Adrenne presented the first fully electronic TV in 1931, the technique improved so fast, that within a few years the German Radio launched a regularly TV Programme. However at this time it wasn’t possible to consider that a broad mass of Population would use a TV for their home. But today Television is the Consumers number one Communication Medium, only surpassed by The Internet and Cellular phone network. The mobile phone is an very important feature for the most people as it is used for Business and Social life, which means that consumers do not use a mobile phone only to communicate but for other things such as, taking photos, e-mail, managing appointments and video clips although the view is restricted. It seems that the world is getting more and more innovative and is turning into an information society. Information Technology as a communication or information tool is an essential part in the today’s world there are various media and communication channels (e.g. mobile phone, internet, TV) and it is accessible for almost everyone in the UK. No one thought that the TV could be a mass medium for all the information we need, such as news and entertainment it is a massive enrichment and the most people cannot imagine living without it. No other medium determines the daily life of many people as the television does. With more than two hours of TV programming consumed on average per day in 2004 (AGF/GfK TV Research, 2005). And the mobile phone could be a part of it. As it is not only used for communication but also for information and entertainment, it seems really feasible using a mobile phone to watch a movie during a wait time. But this medium that comes into consideration Mobile TV and its opportunities for the future is at the moment a hot topic in the mobile industry and it has always been a topic of conversation in the UK it is already possible to get access to different channels but the quality is poor, therefore the mobile industry is looking for an alternative to get this points fixed. This Assignment is going to evaluate the market and the technologies in use and in development.

2.Comparable Technology in the Past and future.
The History of Mobile Internet is an essential part of today’s mobile progression. First mobile web was used in 199 9 with a Nokia 7110 ( Nokia buys mobile web browser company nowarra), mobile web was not really successful during the first years, but with time Mobile network operators generated conformable pricing systems and the web capacities became more optimized. After those two significant steps mobile TV began to establish, and is becoming an essential tool to expand our accessibility for the latest information, such as news, driving the success of mobile Internet solutions even further. For instance in 2002 the number of mobile phones with an integrated photo camera increased ( the evolution of the camera phone). Initially the quality of photographs was really poor but since 2004 the technology improved to a point where today many people prefer their mobile phone over an additional external photo camera. The development of the photo camera can be compared to the development of mobile TV. Launching a new technology is initially risky and takes time to get consumers attention. Therefore the provider has to show a context of use. The usage behaviour of mobile TV depends not only on the technical and substantive factors, but also mostly on the usage context. A success can only be considered when the new product is integrated into ours everyday life. TV was mainly used at home; mobile phones are primarily used on transit. A combination of the two services causes a totally new situation for the consumer. Mobile TV is a good option to use while having wait time. However, innovation is crucial to sustain business efforts in today's fast changing technology environment and it is only a question of time till new trends are...
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