How Will Technology Influence Our Lives in Future and What Should India Do to Stay Ahead in the Game

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Since times immemorial, scientists have invented thousands of technologies. Among them, television, wheel, mobile phone and computer have been of utmost benefit to us and have left a considerable impact on us. These have entirely revolutionized communication techniques, travelling ways and other aspects of human life. Today, our lives are much more cozier and technical compared to those in primitive times.  Before speaking about the future, let us recount the various innovative technological wonders of the past which has made our lives today so comfortable. As mentioned above, the wheel is considered to be the greatest invention till date. Why? Can it even be considered as technology? The answer is definitely yes. Simply defined, technology is a man’s creation which can be implemented to make tasks easier. Imagine a world today without wheels! No cars and bikes to zap us around places, no conveyer belts in factories(resulting in heavy manual labour). Even to draw water out of the wells in some of our houses (we use pulleys which is derived from the wheel) would be a herculean task. Hard to imagine right? Communication technology is another major technological boon (bane in a very few ways). Remember the time of our ancestors where delivery of letters would take weeks, months even! Or before that, where messengers would travel on foot to convey messages. And now, where at the press of a button, any person in this whole wide world can be contacted. In a jiffy! Ok moving on. The world is so much advanced in technology as it is. Is there scope for more advancement in future? Of course there is! There is virtually no limit to advancement. So, what does the future hold for us in the technological aspect? I dare say anything because as I said, there is virtually no bounds within which technology can constrict itself. Already we have so many technological contraptions that are a blessing to people. The bionic limbs which make the handicapped as able as normal people....
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