Mobile Phones Good or Bad

Topics: Mobile phone, Base station, Push-button telephone Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Mobile phone good or evil

Mobile phone’s are not just a substitute of the traditional red phone box seen on the streets, it has many functions and tools such as radio, video, games, and music downloads, Sat. NAV and loads more. The mobile phone has become a life support for many people. People of all ages carry handsets for all different reasons: business people may use it to plan day to day appointments and meetings, Pleasure users may use it for tools for just emergencies, teenagers may use it to text friends, listen to music or take pictures, whilst children may just use it to play games. There are many advantages and disadvantages of owning a mobile phone. Firstly, if we take the Business user for example he or she would rely heavily on a mobile phone. This would be like having a Personal Assistant in your pocket. At a touch of a button, they would be able to make and receives important calls, arrange appointments, schedule meetings, have a video conference and send /receive emails. Their contacts would be readily available and easier to search for than a diary. These are not only the tools a mobile phone has; the mobile can have a sat nav that can give easy directions, the latest travel news, the stock markets shares, the functions available on a mobile are endless. The downside to all of this would be that they would always be contactable; therefore your working hours can feel extended. Its can be a distraction and health hazard if used whilst driving. There have been claim that over use of mobile phone can be damaging to the brain. Despite all the these reasons, Business users tend to be “Nomophobics” afraid of being without a mobile phone.( The opposites of Nomophobia are the pleasure users, of which some may even be “technophobes” fear of technology. Although there are very simple models out there that even a novice would be able to use. This category of users would only the use the mobile to make a...
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