Mobile Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Radio, Sound Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: May 18, 2013
1.What energy is converted into electrical energy from mobile phone batteries? Chemical energy is converted in to electrical energy from a mobile phone battery

2.What is sound energy from your voice converted to inside a mobile phone for transmission from the phone to a cell tower? The sound energy is first converted in to electrical energy by its batteries and then converted in to microwaves by the phones antenna and then it is sent to the nearest cell tower at a particular frequency.

3.A cell tower boosts a radio wave signal using what type of energy? At the cell tower the microwaves are turned into electrical energy and then electrically boosted and turned back into microwaves to be sent to the receiving phone.

4. After the message is boosted at a cell tower, state two different ways the message may be sent to the receiving mobile phone. If you are far away from the person the electromagnetic or microwaves are converted in to light energy transmitted through optic fiber cables in the land base telephone systems, the signal is boosted and sent to another cell tower closest to the receiving mobile phone. That tower then sends the signal on to a receiving mobile phone as microwaves. Another method is when the electrical energy from the cell tower (after boosting the signal) is converted into radio signals and sent to the receiver. The receiving phone then converts the radio signals to sound energy for the person to hear. The compensation signal is sent to your mobile phone at a different frequency in the same way. The use of two different frequencies allows a two-way conversation without the signals interfering with each other, this allows you to talk at the same time and still hear each other. Text messages work much the same way however the message is converted in to visually message you can see rather then a sound you can hear.

5. Explain why digital mobile networks are an improvement on analogue networks. Digital phones convert your voice into a...
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