Mobile Number Portability

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Mobile Number Portability
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1. Definition:
Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the ability for users to switch to a new mobile service provider,while retaining their existing mobile number. 'Porting' is the act of switching to a new mobile service provider without having to change your mobile number. However, only active mobile numbers can port. Thus, the line shall not be terminated before initialization of Porting Process.

2. Benefits:
The main benefit of MNP is freedom of choice and the competition that it generates. Now customers are free to choose a new mobile service provider without having to change to a new number. This means customers can avoid the inconvenience of having to notify friends and associates that you have changed your number.

3. Important Definitions:

3.1. Recipient Operator (RO): Recipient Operator means a Mobile Service provider who will be providing mobile telecommunication service to the subscriber after porting.

3.2. Donor Operator (DO): Donor Operator means a Mobile Service provider to whose network the mobile number belongs at the time the subscriber makes a request for porting.

3.3. Port-In: It is the process when a customer with his non-Aircel MSISDN moves in to Aircel Network.

3.4. Port-Out: It is process when a customer with Aircel number moves out to any other operator.

3.5. Number Range Holder: means a Mobile Service provider who was originally allotted, by DoT, that number range to which the ported number belongs.

3.6. Unique porting code means an alphanumeric code allocated, upon request, by a Mobile Service provider (DO) to its subscriber for the purpose of facilitation of porting of his mobile number. It consist of 8 characters in following manner: a. The first two shall be alphabets that denote the service provider code and service area code which have been specified by the Govt. Authority (for example: TD for Tata Teleservices Ltd in Delhi service area)

b. The remaining 6 characters shall contain 1 to 9, A-N & P-Z only, and small letters and the alphabet ‘O’ is not allowed.

3.7. MCHA: “Mobile Number Clearing House Authority” is an entity that has been granted a license by DoT for providing Mobile Number Portability service to operators (Aircel, Airtel etc.) & shall make all efforts to facilitate expeditious porting of mobile numbers through effective coordination with the Donor Operator and the Recipient Operator. The entire electronic interaction/communication/transaction between DO and RO shall be routed through MCHA.

3.8. Execute Port Time: This is the time fixed by MCHA for the execution of the porting. At this prefixed time the Donor operator initiates the process of deactivation of MSISDN which must be completed in 1 hour. After deactivation of MSISDN by donor operator, recipient operator initiates the process of activation of MSISDN at its network which must be completed within 1 hour.

MNP @ Aircel
Mobile Number Portability

4. Government Directives:
4.1. MNP facility shall be available only within a given licensed service area (Circle).

4.2. 90 Days Validation:
a. A subscriber holding a mobile number is eligible to make a porting request only after 90 days of the date of activation of his mobile connection. This validation check is done by Donor Operator at the time of Port-out.

b. If a number is already ported once, the number can again be ported only after 90 days from the date of the previous porting. This validation check is done by MCHA during Port-In.

4.3. The subscriber making the porting request is required to have cleared all the bills issued prior to the date of porting request. He shall give an undertaking that he has already paid all billed dues to the Donor Operator as on the date of the request for porting and that he shall pay dues to the Donor Operator pertaining to the mobile number till its eventual porting and that he understands and agrees that in event of non-payment of any such...
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