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Term Paper

University Of Chittagong
Term Paper

Submitted To:
Mrs. Suraiya Nazeen
Associate Professor
Dept. of Finance and Banking
University of Chittagong
Submitted By:
Bidhan Dev
Fourth Year B.B.A.(Hon’s)
ID No: 08303052
Session: 2007-2008
Department of Finance and Banking
University of Chittagong

University Of Chittagong

Date of Submission:

Letter of Submission

Mrs. Suraiya Nazneen
Associate Professor
Department of Finance & Banking
University of Chittagong
Subject: Submission of the term paper report
Dear madam,

It is pleasure on my part to submit my report on “Mobile banking- The Next Generation Banking” as part of my BBA (Hon’s) Final Examination Though it is a new experience, I have tried level my best to gather information and to translate my knowledge into writing this term paper report covering the aspects of the topics as per your suggestions and guidelines to reflect the same in report with my limited scope and knowledge.

Without sincere cooperation and proper guidance of you it was not possible for me to prepare this report .For this act of kindness I am grateful to you. All of my effort will be rewarded only if it could satisfy you. I sincerely pray & hope that the report will meet your expectation & will serve its purpose. Your Kind Consideration might help me a lot.

Yours Sincerely

Bidhan Dev
Fourth Year B.B.A.(Honors)
ID No: 08303052
Session: 2007-2008
Department of Finance and Banking,
University of Chittagong

I have a key of golden door but I don’t know how to unlock the door with the key. So of what use this key is? This is the key reason why we have to submit the term paper: Term Paper is a part of our academic program. There are two ways to acquire knowledge, one is theoretically and the other is practical. Both the knowledge is necessary in practical field. The present business scenario is getting more and more complex now a days which requires a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of that knowledge. Developed countries business schools are emphasizing on this aspect. But our study is limited to theories. The term paper work which is a common task for the BBA students is giving us that opportunity to be familiar with current business practices.

Over the last few years, the mobile and wireless market has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world and it is still growing at a rapid pace. This opens up huge markets for financial institutions interested in offering value added services. With mobile technology, bank scan offer a wide range of services to their customers such as doing funds transfer while traveling, receiving online updates of stock price or even performing stock trading while being stuck in traffic. Mobile devices, especially smart-phones, are the most promising way to reach the masses and to create “stickiness” among current customers, due to their ability to provide services anytime, anywhere, with high rate of penetration and potential to grow.

In this term paper I tried to explain the basic concepts, services offered, market survey and technology which enables Mobile Banking.


At the very beginning, I acknowledge all credit (exalts) goes to Almighty Allah who has given me eyes to observe, brain to analyze and understand the ambiance (environment) through observation and different other organs to do my respective works.

I would deeply thank to my supervisor Mrs. Suraiya Nazneen who kindly supervises and gives me the excellent suggestion, guidance, and encouragement all the times during my term paper writing. I cannot complete this term paper without his consistent advice.

I must also have to thank the chairman of the department of...
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