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Topics: Leadership, Situational leadership theory, Path-goal theory Pages: 10 (3282 words) Published: October 16, 2010
National University of Ireland, Dublin
University College Dublin

Bachelor of Science
(NUID BSc 13)

Management of Organization (MO)
I declare that all materials included in this essay/report/project/ dissertation is the end result of my own work and that due acknowledgement have been given in the bibliography and references to all sources be they printed, electronic or personal.|

Lecturer: Ms. Emily Chua
Submitted by: Xu Chen Jun

This assignment displays the factors how effective leadership happened on John Angle based on the case scenario. These factors includes relationship within the his department, his own personality characteristics, team building, company structure, reward system, conflict, organizational culture, etc. in addition, the assignment use two leadership ( path-goal theory and Hersey and Blanchard theory) to analyze the present problems in the department. All these problems are given suggestions on how to deal with them at the back of each problem so that new leader Jeremiah Bigatallio can get some fresh ideas from it.

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Case Scenario
3.0 Area of Ineffective (Question 1)
4.1 Negative Motivation
4.2 Wrongly Organization/Design
4.3 Improper Work Teams
4.0 Analysis of Symptoms – Path-Goal Theory (Question 2) 5.4 Personal Characteristics of Subordinates
5.5 Environmental Characteristics
5.6 The Best Leadership Style
5.0 Right Leading Way (Question 3)
6.7 Other Type of Leadership Style - Hersey and Blanchard Model 6.8 Other Problems
6.9.1 Team Building
6.9.2 Culture
6.9.3 Conflict And Structure Change
6.9.4 Reward System
6.0 Conclusion
7.0 Reference Lists
8.0 Appendices

1.0 Introduction
The report provides a case study about the leadership. It has an overview about a company’s inter-problem. The intention of the report is to highlight the importance of the leadership in an organization and make enterprises consider compatible person to manage the organization. 2.0 Case scenario

Jeremiah Bigatallio is a new director of engineering service for international communication. Unfortunately, he should clear up the mess in the engineering department immediately, which is done by his predecessor John angle, who implements the “liberal” managing policy. He should deal with the discord and problem between his subordinates and try to rescue his crippled department in four months. 3.0 Area of Ineffective

Based on Vicki Bennett and Ian Mathieson (2002), leadership is a fascinating and challenging concept, since it involves so many things. An effective leadership should integrate the concept together; these include the process and the property, which need quite a long time to be tacit between leader and colleagues and represents on the complex capability to the leader. Effective leaders usually know clearly about their breadth of capacities. Then back on the case study, John Angle is really ineffective on managing his department. Here are some of ways which is dysfunctional for the leadership. 4.1 Negative Motivation

In this department, the relationship of colleague is really in deadlock at present. According to the “Big Five” personality traits (Barrick and Mount, 1991), engineers are too introversive that they even did not talk for about two years with each other. It is very dangerous for the whole enterprise, since they are lack of communication, some of tasks they cannot cooperate and gradually they will not trust between each other, as they did not know their colleagues capability. Then they never respect and show confidence to the technicians, who give signals to the technicians that they are arrogant and never know the importance of cooperation. For the time being, it will decrease the company’s efficiency on tasks operation. The most serious situation is both...
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