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CC3003ST E-Business

Spring Semester 2012-2013

Module Leader: Andre Samuel

Weighting: 60%

Date Due: 18th April 2013

Individual Coursework Briefing E-Business Strategy Report
This briefing will provide   Guidance on how you should undertake this assignment, A specification of the structure and format that you will need to complete this assignment.

You are required to produce the following documents:  Task 1 (90% of the total score) – You are required to produce a report entitled “E-Business Strategy Review Report for”. Further guidance on the expected content and structure is provided below. Task 2 (10% of the total score) – You are required to perform a website evaluation which is to be conducted during the semester with findings and conclusions summarised here. You should aim to evaluate at least 5 sites which are related to Consider making use of the evaluation criteria available to you.

Task 1 – E-Business Strategy Review Report (no more than 5000 words) The document you produce will be entitled “E-Business Strategy Review Report for” and should contain the following sections.

Management Summary
Briefly summarise the approach taken in the report and the key findings.

Briefly describe the background context of the organisation. This can include, for example, historic information on the company’s formation, it’s financial performance, and it’s key products and services.

Situation Analysis
 Present Position Analysis You should consider analysing the organisation’s - current position using SWOT analysis - contextual and external environment using PEST analysis  Industry Analysis You should also consider analysing the organisation using Porter’s five forces model.

E-Business Strategy
E-Business strategy What E-Business strategies has adopted or is planning to adopt? In this section you should build upon your Situation Analysis. You should also refer to Chapter 5 E-Business Strategy in order to consider issues such as competitor analysis and objective setting and also Chapter 9 Customer Relationship Management in order to consider issues such as customer acquisition and retention management. Other considerations: In what ways has made use of CRM to support its e-business strategies? What strategies can be used to cope with variations in online buyer behaviour and loyalty?

Legal and ethical issues
What legal and ethical issues does the organisation need to consider with regard to the gathering, processing, distribution and use of information on the Internet?

Appropriately concluded.

Standard Harvard style of referencing.

Any relevant additional documents to be appended along with the evaluation findings (Task 2).

Task 2 – Evaluation Findings (no more than 500 words)
This is a summary document, appended to the report. What are the objectives of this document?    To clearly state which websites were evaluated. To summarise findings from the evaluation. To draw conclusions from the findings.

Deadline and Submission
You must submit your hardcopy report by 18th April 2013.

E-Business CC3003ST – Case Study for Coursework (2012-2013) Case Study 9.1

The coursework is based on the case study 9.1 available in your core textbook E-Business and E-Commerce Management by Dave Chaffey 4th Edition Page 549.

(This work is protected by regional copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning. Dissemination or sale of any part of this work (including on the Internet) will destroy the integrity of the work and is not permitted. The copyright holder grants permission to instructors who have adopted the textbook accompanying this work to post this material online only if the use of the website is restricted by access codes to students in the instructor’s class that is using...
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