Mma Sub Culture

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MMA a Sub-Culture

My subculture of Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA ) started about 4 years ago, while I was in 8th grade. I need a sport, but I wanted a sport different from what everyone else was doing. So I decided to give MMA a try, and I was instantly hooked after my first day of class. I train a out of the Armory Training Center in Jupiter, Florida. My subculture has personally grown for me because I have taken many more classes from the initial Brazilian Ju-Jitsu class. I have moved on to things such as Kempo, Mau-tai, etc. Another main reason for choosing this sport was the fact I needed some self-defense techniques, and to boost my self confidence. As a pre-teen my self confidence level was very low, I would be such a quiet kid, not knowing how to be my self with a group of friends. Ever since I started MMA my self confidence level has gone through the roof, and I can do anything.

The Main beliefs and ideas, ideas, values, and practices are pretty clear as soon as you enter the gym. The moment you walk in you are overcome with a sense of excitement, and you see people helping each other out to become better fighters. Once you start training the ideas of dedication and hard work are etched into your subconscious. The value of brotherhood is taken to heart, you become one with the gym and the people around you. MMA culture also consists of hardcore cardio, strength training, and mental exercise. Another major factor to MMA culture is the use of supplements. Supplements to make your training better, see results faster, and to make you a better fighting machine. These supplements can range from whey protein shakes, to creatine, to testosterone booster, and as extreme as Human Growth Hormone, or HGH. As a result of fighters taking these supplements they are well versed in the human body and what the specific supplements do. I personally have a supplement stack of Nitric Oxide, which helps boost blood flow...
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