Mkt 421 Week 1 Dq 1

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Customer Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: July 21, 2012
Week 1, Discussion Question #1. Due Thursday, Week 1, Day 3.

What is the definition of marketing? What are the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating marketing into the sales function of an organization? Do you think that marketing should be included as part of the sales organization within a company? Explain why or why not. 

I will admit that when I hear the term Marketing the first thing that comes to mind is advertising. I know there is more to marketing but this is the first thought, and I think this is common. However, while marketing is advertising it is much more than just that. Our course materials states that marketing is the performance of activities that seek to accomplish and organization's objectives by anticipating customer needs and directing a flow of need-satisfying goods and services from producer to the customer. I am quickly learning that marketing has two parts; the one part is where a company that produces a certain good or service that is more of a want than a need meets customers expectations and wants. Then there is marketing for the needs in life, the goods and services that keep our lives going on a daily basis. 

There are definite benefits and drawbacks to incorporating marketing into the sales function of an organization. The benefits could be that if marketing and sales function together this could allow for customers to reach the good or service faster. Also by the two functions working together they could collaborate together in the benefit of selling and reaching out to more individual customers. Some drawbacks to incorporating these two functions together is that they both have very clear needs and goals, but are separate. Marketing is the voice and the words of the company or good and service while the sales department needs to concentrate on pushing the selling and creating revenue, two different functions with different goals. 

I do think that marketing and sales should be incorporated in most cases. There...
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