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Company profile

CFL (Core Finland ltd) which was found in 2006 in Finland. It’s a dynamic food marketing company. The present managing director of CFL is Joonas Turkama. The main activates of this company is are importing, marketing and sales of first class products, which have the potential to grow big brands nationally as well as internationally. The mainly focusing on building brands in order to gain a long term success. CoreFinland's main target groups are wholesale, retail trade and HoReCa -sector. They also build international partnerships, especially in Western-Europe and in the Baltic Sea region. In future they plan to expand their business activities particularly towards Russia, Germany and Sweden. The main product of this company is snacks and food product. It provides marketing and sales service both domestic and foreign by its long distribution channel (whole sale, Retail). It also provide some service like hosting, packaging, consulting by retail chain.


CFL start producing “VEGE CHIPS” from 2011 under Rye snacks. Now a day in Europe people are more health concusses so that in Europe market people are like to choose healthy food rather than fast food. So that organic foods easily make a big market in Europe .

VEGE CHIPS is completely healthy and organic food. It’s not only a snake’s people can use it as a regular food. Fat level in VEGE CHIPS is very low so that middle age people can take it as much as they want.

No1: Developing market for “VEGE CHIPS”

Our target market is two different countries Srilanka and Canada. These two countries are different from each other. They are totally different in socially and culturally. So our target market also different for these two countries.

Country profile

21,481,334 (July 2011 est.)
Age structure
0-14 years: 24.9% (male 2,705,953/female 2,599,717) 
15-64 years: 67.2% (male 6,993,668/female 7,313,440) 
65 years and over: 7.9% (male 720,219/female 950,916) (2011 est.) Median age
Total: 30.8 years 
male: 29.7 years 
female: 31.8 years (2011 est.)

34,300,083 (July 2011 est.)
Age structure
0-14 years: 15.7% (male 2,736,737/female 2,602,342) 
15-64 years: 68.5% (male 11,776,611/female 11,517,972) 
65 years and over: 15.9% (male 2,372,356/female 3,024,571) (2011 est.) Median age
Total: 41 years 
male: 39.8 years 
female: 42.1 years (2011 est.)

Customer profile

Our target is middle age people who are 18 above. Middle age people are more health concusses and the can make decision as their own. we believe that they will take our chips because its healthy and totally natural. If we can satisfy them they will influence other for chose our product.

In srilanka we will target high society area like Colombo because they are more health concuss and they can easily effort healthy food without thinking for price. in their people lead busy life so if they got ready healthy food they can easily take it. We also target sea side area where tourist comes from different country. Canada:

In Canada we will target is the whole country. Because they are reach enough and lead busy time. They also more health concusses and educated too. No 2: The Marketing Mix for “VEGE CHIPS “

Srilanka| Canada|
Product: Srilankan people like spicy food like as other Asian country so here we have to apply extra spicy chips with regular one.| Product: In Canada we use our regular healthy chips but we have to make it little bit sweet and salty| Place : We sell it in retail stall and all over the target location.| Place: Super shop and large retail stall in super mall or market.| Promotion : Here we use TVC, Billboard commercial also in magazine , health magazine| Promotion : Here u use free tail, billboard, health magazine , bill...
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