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This book is translated from Bahasa Malaysia to English and the original title is ‘Sungai Mengalir Lesu’ that was written by A. Samad Said. The story is about the history of British trying to get back Singapore from the Japanese army. This novel takes place in World War II in Singapore (Temasik). At this time people inhumane towards each other and they are being selfish, they care less about other people than themselves. A lot of innocent people were killed in this era and it has almost become a natural thing to happen in this kind of world that we are living in. Thus, I would highly recommend this book to people who lived through the war or maybe our current army, police and their relatives. Because this is such a meaningful book to them, they can feel what the author’s trying to say in a brilliant imaginative story. To the army, this story will raise their spirit to fight the enemy for our country’s sake. Furthermore, to the relatives they might find this book as a motivation and appreciation for their loved ones. Current army and police will be motivated and keep on fighting for our country will full spirit.

After that, in my view this book Lazy River is suitable for History Lecturers, because they can increase their knowledge about war about something past that happened with their students. What make people in that environment survive, how make them be strong to continue, proceed their life. Next, Lazy River witten by A Samad Said, this book is suitable to read for students. Students must be appreciative when they read this book. Because of this book exposes the complexities and turbulence of life in Japanese- occupied Singapore. The characters experience problems to the life we know of today.

A.Samad Said’s imagination is so powerful and unique, this is because the readers can actually imagine how it is happening during that time. This book is very intriguing to people who love history, A. Samad Said made it real by inserting the situations in detail. In additional, A. Samad Said is well known for his literary works and is a distinguished personality in the literary world. He has been honored with the title Sasterawan Negara in 1985 which was awarded as recognition for his contributions to literature. If you are willing to spend a bit of your time to read this book, you will feel the hardships and pain but you will also feel the taste of the glorious moment towards the end of this book. I can guarantee that you will find this book is interesting and well worth of reading. After reading Lazy River, I find the attention to detail and descriptions wonderful. The kampung life of Japanese occupied Singapore almost comes alive. Lazy river (Sungai Mengalir Lesu) is a rare literature that records one of the most important phrases of our nation. The bitter life experience of a group of people living by the river becomes the symbol of suffering to the citizens of Malaya during the Worl War II. This grief-stricken tale shows how devastating are the effects of war on mankind, and we must prevent history from repeating itself. Besides being a literary piece, Sungai Mengalir Lesu is, in fact, a priceless documentation of the social history.

Abdul Samad bin Muhammad Said, pen name A. Samad Said (born 9 April 1935) is a Malaysian poet and novelist who, in May 1976, was named by Malay literature communities and many of the country's linguists as the Pejuang Sastera [Literary Exponent] receiving, within the following decade, the 1979 Southeast Asia Write Award and, in 1986, in appreciation of his continuous writings and contributions to the nation's literary heritage, or Kesusasteraan Melayu, the title Sasterawan Negara. His highly acclaimed first novel Salina (1961) is considered by most critics to mark a significantly new growth point in the development of the Malay novel, particularly because of its use of the realist mode. Post-World War II Singapore, the other...
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