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My career goals are to be a young entrepreneur with an electrical engineering degree, but ultimately my career goal is to become a successful businessman. Attending MIT’s MITES program can help with becoming a prosperous engineer. This program could instill valuable skills that I will need in order to become a successful businessman. Skill such as studying, time-management and problem solving, are all skills that I could attain from MITES that will ultimately help support my goals. MITES program can improve my social skills and could better prepare me for becoming an electrical engineer. Being a junior in high school has taught me the importance of being ahead of the curve. Attending programs such as MITES could prove to be useful for any junior high school student with the goal of having an engineering degree like myself. MITES can introduce me to a different group a people, people with similar goals as I. Being with a diverse group of people can help me with becoming familiar with different ethnic backgrounds, and could also be used as a resource or even expand my resources. This engineering program can give me an opportunity to become familiar with present and future engineers. It could give me the experience needed to become successful in college and life. My career goals are important to me; it will help me live comfortable in the future. Joining a program like MITES could push me in the right direction with trying to get a degree in electrical engineer and could give me the edge I need with trying to become successful; it is also a confidence booster. Knowing that you have an opportunity to be a part of an engineering program that only a select few of students can join is great for my college applications.

volunteering at the YMCA is most important to me because I get a chance to help other people. This also is my favorite activity because not only do I get a chance to help people but it also gives me a bit of work experience that I will need. This...
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