Miss Adela Strangeworth

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Miss Adela Strangeworth

Shirley Jackson tells us about a very interesting character in the short story titled “The Possibility of Evil.” In the story Miss Strangeworth is an old lady who takes it as her duty too inform the town of evil, but one day one of her evil informing letters gets in the wrong hands and her favorite roses are cut. In this essay the character of Miss Strangeworth is described through her physical description, family, lifestyle and her hobbies.

One way the readers get to know the character of Miss Strangeworth is through her physical features and her personality. Miss Strangeworth personality is very deceiving. This is because she always seems very nice and polite to people when she talks to them but behind their back she often writes nasty things about them in her letters. Miss Strangeworth’s personality is generally very polite, organized and loving. At 71 her physical features are quite typical of an elderly woman. She has gray hair, blue eyes, and is very small and petite. Miss Strangeworth is a proper, frail old lady on the outside but in the middle she is just a crafty backstabber.

In addition to Miss Strangeworth’s personality and body type, her family adds depth to her character. “My grandfather built this town with his own two hands,” was once a quote by Miss Strangeworth. That quote was generally the perspective and view Miss Strangeworth had on her family. She believes that since her and her family before her was born and raised on Pleasant Street she is a little bit better than everybody else. Her family in a way did sort of build the town and is always considered a very respected. Miss Strangeworth grew up in an upper middle class family that was involved in the community and was always very polite and proper. Miss Strangeworth came from a very wealthy, respected and proper family that shaped her into a more complete character.

Also in addition to Miss Strangeworth’s family, her lifestyle and activities add depth to her...
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