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1. Purpose
The purpose of this report is to investigate the organisation’s recruitment and selection process to improve their cost – effectiveness and quality of people they bring into the company, and enhance the level of new recruit’s engagement. Being chosen to lead this project, I have devised the project plan in Microsoft Project programme (see Appendix A attached), as this allows me to track project progression against objectives, using Gantt chart. Gantt chart gives a clear overview of milestones and important dates, and also enables maintaining time-scaled project on a regular basis. 2. Risk assessment

Risk is an uncertainty in a plan that you can potentially control, or at least track (Barkley, 2004), therefore risk must be identified, especially the critical ones which could potentially bring a program or project to a halt or cause major issues. Major risks, which could potentially affect the project, might be insufficient resources and unclear responsibilities. Project will most certainly require individuals with different skill sets. Project leader must identify team’s skills at the beginning of the project and assign the resources to particular project aspects. This can be done through various team activities, like brainstorming or team building activities. Team leader can also easily identify strength and weakness by observing individuals during various meetings. If faced with the lack of resources, then one of the mitigation strategies might be re - assigning certain resources: reschedule critical activities based on availability of personnel. Project leader cannot fail to use RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed). All team members should also have basic knowledge about others’ responsibilities in order to be able to swap roles, if necessary. Any project implementation carries a certain number of risks. Knowing what can cause a project failure can point the team in the right direction. Once more, good communication is the key. Risks are inherent in every project, thus it is crucial to risk-assess the project, identify risks, analyse them, monitor and control. A risk may also occur during the change management process. This process is a long term enterprise and requires everyone’s engagement and good will, unfortunately a resistance might occur. Firstly, the project risk aspect can be identified through on-going feedback and questionnaires, which are part of the project as continuous development plan. Secondly, the project leader is responsible to control and monitor the progress against the project plan, so if the planned changes do not happen, this means that resistance is occurring. In this particular case, the best approach is to influence people resisting to change, to define objectives with them and try to find alternative solutions. Moreover, people resisting need to be motivated and then assured that they are in safe environment project objectives will not affect their position. It is important that the project manager and team leaders show their support for the effort and motivate team members to contribute. In many projects, reporting a risk is rewarded by making the same person the risk profile owner. Doing this sends a message to other members that reporting a risk will lead to more work. If possible, team members should rather be incentivized to report risks. Once the risk assessment is completed, communicated, controlled and monitored, the leader needs to help the team to focus on goals and this can be achieved by encouraging creative thinking. 3. Creative thinking

According to Armstrong, creative thinking is looking for different ideas and not only for “the best idea”. Based on that suggestion, creative thinking might be required for a number of reasons during a project. Project team will be required to brainstorm ideas for enhancing the level of new recruit’s engagement within organisation, and this aspect will require creative thinking from them. Delaying a...
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