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A comparison of the marketing strategies of Tesco and Aldi

Tesco and Aldi are both successful companies in retail grocery industry; however, their marketing strategies are different. Marketing Strategy is the foundational strategy that helps a company survive and thrive long-term. And it must address the following variables: positioning, pricing, advertising, distribution, promotion, sales, and new products. Strategy should rarely change, once it is fully proven and validated via marketing research (Cheverton, 2004). Market positioning is the most important part of marketing strategy (Norton, 2006). Tesco and Aldi have different marketing strategies because of their different marketing positioning. Tesco focus on the mass public, but Aldi is more likely to focus on low-income people. Therefore, Tesco keep updating its service to fit the changes of customers’ needs, but Aldi is more likely to focus on cutting down price. Both of them have explicit marketing strategies and have good market share. This essay will firstly compare the different marketing positioning of Tesco and Aldi, then contrast the distinct pricing strategies between them, and finally, both of them are well-managed from my part. The managers of the two enterprises know who their target consumers are, what products and services they should provide and what price would be better. Because the two companies choose different marketing strategies to fit their positioning, they have nearly already achieved their own goals.

In marketing, positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or organization (Ramachandra, Chandrashekara, & Shivakumar, 2010). Tesco is the market leader in the retail grocery industry in UK and they use different marketing strategies to remain the status, such as especially market penetration, diversification and product development. The core of Tesco marketing strategy...
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