Mis on a Gas Station

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May 2013

“A world without Oil Industry is a world with no life....”


Management Information Systems are one of the major tools available to business managers for achieving operational excellence, developing new products and services, improving decision-making, and achieving competitive advantages. In the petroleum industry, especially in the midstream and downstream sector management information system has streamlined the business operations. Effective network systems for better connectivity, better IT infrastructure for effective data handling, software’s for data analysis and future sales projections, efficient ERPs (enterprise resource planning) has brought the organizations competitive advantage. We have taken instances from around the globe in the oil and gas sector, players who have made a difference in their business methodology by applying Management Information Systems. Organizations like ENGEN, SURGUTNEFTE GAS, and ONGC have added these technology features and reaped enormous benefits with respect to exploration and production, resource optimization and sales maximization, which are the main goals of an organization operating in the Oil and Gas sector.

The gasoline service station as it is known today is an institution of recent develop and one which has passed through several distinct stages in its evolution. There is little resemblance between the modern, well – equipped station and its predecessor of fifty years ago. Today’s since station is an expensive, specially designed types of retail outlet at which a motorist can satisfy his needs for a wide range of automotive goods and services; the early “filling stations,” in contrast, sold only gasoline and oil, offered few related products or services, was often poorly located and was usually considered blight to the surrounding neighbourhood. The story of this development is an interesting one. It is a story of continuous improvement in physical facilities; of constant adaption to changing market; and of tremendous growth in the importance of service stations in the nation’s economy.

MIS on a Gas Station

Payroll System
Gas Retail System


Database Management System
Finance Monitoring


Human Resource Management
Operation/Program Review


Gas Retail System
Retailers have come to depend on reliable point-of-sale and site management technology that simplifies site operations, saves money and time, and supports retailers in delivering high customer satisfaction for increased revenue.

Finance Monitoring
Finance Monitoring is responsible for making up the potential financial schemes for the future of the business in order to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. In a gas industry, finance act as one of the key player in running the business in the long run and strives to adopt change with financial conditions externally and internally. The purchasing of different types of gases needed must be keep track with its quantitative value. The recordings and evaluation of earnings should be its core function to analyze financial deficit and needs. These are eventually become part of the entire system which will be further used in other process for the success of the whole organizations.

Finance monitoring includes budgeting, inventory management, investment decisions, working capital and cash management decisions and decisions related to acquisitions. These functions contribute a great impact in any establishments. The gas or oil industry is one of the establishments that give priority to its financial aspects.

Operation/Program Review
Operation review is a set of guidelines and...
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