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Fortis Healthcare Limited: Background
Fortis Healthcare Limited was incorporated in 1996. It is now the fastest growing and India's second largest healthcare provider. The company was founded by the visionary business leader, Late Dr. Parvinder Singh, the architect of Ranbaxy Laboratories. Fortis is a manifestation of Dr. Singh's ideology “to create a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care”. The company's vision is to be a globally respected healthcare organization known for clinical excellence and distinctive patient care. The company's mission to deliver quality healthcare focuses on drivers such as clinical excellence, technology, research and patient care. Starting with its first hospital which opened in 2001, Fortis Healthcare Ltd. now is a network of 45 hospitals with the capacity to increase inpatient beds to ~6600 beds. These hospitals include multi specialty hospitals as well as super-specialty centres providing comprehensive tertiary and quaternary healthcare to patients across specialties such as cardiac care, orthopedics, neurosciences, oncology, renal care, gastroenterology, mother and child care .

Fortis has been rapidly growing through a combination of acquisitions, greenfields, brownfields and management contracts. The company's employee strength across is over 10000. Operating Model
Fortis operates on a hub and spoke model to provide Super Specialty, Multi Specialty and Tertiary level medical care. Hubs are the super specialty hospitals and spokes are the multi specialty centres. Patients who have the need are referred to these hubs from the multi specialty facilities in the region. By embracing this system the patient benefits from the many available network facilities. Quality Focus

Fortis Healthcare has been at the forefront of providing quality healthcare services and has raised the bar of quality standards in the country. The hospitals employ renowned medical talent at par with the best in the world. Some of these doctors are American Board Certified. Due to their excellent quality care and safety for patients, three Fortis Hospitals have received the highly respected JCI accreditation (Joint Commission International). Patient Centricity with excellence in medical delivery, empathy, care and compassion are the guiding principles at Fortis. This is reflected in every aspect of the company beginning from hospital architecture, processes, larger than average bed-to-floor space ratio, nurse to patient ratio to front office staff. Standardized Operating System

To standardize non-clinical processes which impact patient experience during their stay at any of the hospitals, Fortis has a standardized operating system called FOS (Fortis Operating System). This ensures that patients experience similar service levels irrespective of the hospital they visit within the group. FOS was conceived and implemented with the objective to increase efficiency in non clinical processes leading to enhanced patient satisfaction in various departments such as OPDs, PHCs, OTs, Emergency, Radiology etc. Healthcare Information Systems: Introduction

Healthcare Information Systems are capable of meeting the following 2 objectives: * To provide an optimized support to the specific needs of the individual centres and units by enabling different vendors to offer specialized applications and by allowing the users to select the most effective solutions for their needs. * To permit the different centres to cooperate on the basis of information consistency throughout the healthcare network for more effectiveness and reliability of the clinical, administrative, epistemological and managerial activities carried out. A Healthcare Information System could vary from a simple server based inventory cum billing modules catering for a clinic to web based comprehensive systems catering to a chain of super-speciality hospitals. Hospital...
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