Mis Chap9:Case Study

Topics: Telephone, Communication, Telephone exchange Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: March 11, 2013
1. According to the case, what types of technologies are being used in IBM’s global network? * The technologies that the IBM’s global network uses a very wide network connection such as GIS technology that can handle a very large of information and can coordinate many functions, can work works across national borders. Can Stores, manipulates, and transmits data across cultural and geographic boundaries, and can easily communicate into other countries.

2. How has this GIS streamlined operation at IBM?
* GIS has a great impact to IBM, it makes the IBM’s operation easier and fast. It gives a high security to every employee, develop their management, sales and administrator. With the use of GIS it completes services solution and customer configurable software products for their clients. Especially the GIS database has the link to all of the organization’s digital data together based on a location. This could enable all departments of an organization to have access to, and share the same data, and secure all departments and individuals are using the most up-to-date information. Better access to better quality and time relevant dara may help the organization make better decisions.

3. How could the internet and VoIP reduce the cost of fax voice transmission? * VoIP refers to communications services, voice, fax, SMS, and voice messaging applications that are transmitted via the internet, rather than the public switched telephone network. A telephone line is really money, you actually pay for each minute you spend communicating on the phone. International calls are much more expensive. Since VoIP uses the Internet as backbone, the only cost you have when using it is the monthly Internet bill to your ISP. On the phone line, only two persons can speak at a time. With VoIP, you can setup a conference with a whole team communicating in real time. VoIP compresses data packets during transmission, and this causes more data to be handled over the carrier....
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