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Topics: 2004 Summer Olympics, Athens, Summer Olympic Games Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Case Study

Q1. Could the 2004 Athens Olympics have been a success without all of the networks and backup technologies? A. No, all the hardwork done by the IT team was one of the main reason behind Athens Olympics success. The information availability provided by the network and redundant hardware (and people and processes too) were critical in the success of the event, and are likely to be so also in the future. Without the networks and all the other technologies we would not have been able to have access to all the plethora of past and current results, statistics and profiles that were available.They worked very hard in setting up the entire system, tested it, dealt with all the crazy scenarios and checked all the hardware and software installed. The two major components of the software designed for the games were GMS, Games Management System and, IDS Information Diffusion System. Both these systems were used to reduce risk. Backup for routers and switches at each site, the databases and all other PCs in the control room were available. These backups were the back bone of the system, as it had reduced risk of information being lost or misplaced. Continuous flow of information was vital. VLAns were used to avoid troubleshooting and limiting damage made if someone broke into the network. Different VLANs were provided so it worked efficiently, saved time and the results reached in on time. If a virus was brought in, only one VLAN was affected. All the data, event results, players portfolios was saved in data bases physically away from the venue. All these precautionary measures were taken with the help of IT. These backup technologies kept the event going, even if one server broke or went down. The programmer, Claude Phillipps, believed that the server would stop running not the athlete, thus he created al these backups. And in the end, all these made the event a huge success...

Q2. The 2004 Olympics is a global business. Can a business today succeed...
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