A Critique on Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: a Project Management Perspective.

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Project Management

Muluh A. Mokom

A Critique on Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: A Project management perspective.

Context of Case

Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: a Project management perspective provides a general appraisal on the activities and events leading up to the successful hosting of the 26th modern Olympic Games in September 2000. The case presents the different stakeholders involved with the different aspects linked with the games. There is the Sydney Olympics Bid Limited (SOBL) that was in-charged of preparing what was needed to win the bid. The New South Wales (NSW) government, with responsibility of providing the site for the hosting of the games. The Federal Government in-charge of the required infrastructure construction, Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG) and Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) both overseeing the entire organization of the Olympic Games activities.

Sydney after winning the bid to host the games, there was therefore a lot of construction projects to be undertaken. With the Olympics plan based on commitment to provide the right conditions to perform at their optimum level, there was the need to have everything ready for at least a year before the beginning of the Olympic Games. Apart from the infrastructure project linked directly or indirectly to hosting of the Olympic Games, the other projects envisaged for Olympic were broken down as follows: Events, Venues and facilities including accommodation, Transport, Media facilities and coordination, Telecommunication, security arrangements, medical car, Human Resources including Volunteers, Cultural Olympiad, Pre-Games training, Information Technology Projects, Opening and Closing ceremonies, public relations, financing and Test Games and trail events.

Problems Faced.

A) Environment

The International Olympics Committee in laying down the criteria for bidding for the Olympic Games host city for the 2000 Olympic Games had an environmental consideration. They had to ensure that the environment was respected. As for Sydney, they faced a major problem in this regard because the proposed site for the construction of the infrastructure was amidst one of Australia`s worst toxic waste dumps.

B) Information sharing

A second problem that the organizers of the Sydney 2000 Olympics faced was on the need to share information, most importantly across to all the divisions of the organizing committee.

C) Cost

Another problem faced was that of Cost managing in the completions of all the different projects and activities to be staged during the Olympic Games. SOCOG faced uncertainties with the budget meant for events and ceremonies. The rapid change in technology was also a major source of cost escalation. One other aspect that was also indirectly linked to the cost factor was inflation or the increase in price for accommodation facilities. It suffices to note that the time dimension also has a great effect on the cost of the project especially in the escalation of the cost in the event of time slippage.

D) Quality

Quality was also a big challenge that did not go without notice in the preparation of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. This as a matter of fact was to be one of the biggest challenges to be faced by the organizers and stakeholders of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. It was also to be seen as being one of the most difficult of a problem to be solved as will be analysed below.

Decisions made as a Result.

The environment was a big concern in winning the bid to host the Olympic Games. So, SOBL in preparing for Sydney’s bid took the decision to include a comprehensive set of environmental guidelines recognizing the principle of ecologically sustainable development. This guideline promoted energy conservation, water conservation, waste avoidance and minimization, protection of air, water and soil from pollution and the protection of the natural and cultural environment. A media...
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