Miracle Social Impact on Leadership

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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Miracle Social Impact on Leadership
The movie my collaborative group decided on was Miracle. The movie was about, Herb Brooks, who was the USA hockey coach. He was the man who orchestrated one of the greatest upsets in sports history, the miracle on ice to defeat the Soviet Olympic Hockey Team by the Olympic Squad of the United States in 1980. The topic I selected was, how is leadership portrayed in popular culture? So, I decide to take the approach of David and Goliath. I feel that this story is played out in real life with this movie. The Soviet Union would play the role as Goliath. The Soviet Hockey juggernaut during the Cold War their hockey supremacy was almost unchallenged. The men making up the team were amateur players in name only. They weren’t “professional” hockey players only because most were members of the Soviet armed forces; but, their only job was to play hockey. They trained hard and played hard under their talented, but authoritarian, coach Viktor Tikhonov. One of the keys to their success was that they practiced together and played together all the time. They worked together so much that they all knew what the others were going to do in just about any given situation. This cohesiveness helped them to trounce many an opponent. There were also some very talented people in the group, with some going on to play in the National Hockey League after the Iron Curtain fell. David was the U.S. Olympic Team. Herb Brooks handpicked group of college kids. The players mostly were from Minnesota and most played for Boston University or the University of Minnesota. They were talented and experienced, yes, but they were true amateurs who were playing hockey and attending classes. Brooks was portrayed in the movie “Miracle” as authoritarian, but I don’t think he was nearly as harsh as his Soviet counterpart Tikhonov. There was also a lot of hockey talent on this team as evidenced by how many ended up playing very successful careers in the NHL after their...
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