Minnesota Health Department Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence

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  • Published : March 15, 2012
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ID: 809003144Organisation Development: Application 10.1 (Pg. 168-169) 15/3/12 In the case, Minnesota’s health department decided to undertake a five year strategic planning effort to address the primary prevention of sexual violence, for which there was a clear need. There were two driving forces for the plan; first, sexual violence was identified as a key health issue and grants were being provided to states for the development of primary prevention plans and second, Minnesota was a recognised state in sexual violence prevention work. The health department collated with Minnesota coalition against sexual violence for the achievement of two primary objectives; create a strategic plan for the primary prevention of sexual violence in the state of Minnesota and mobilise a broad range of individuals and organisations to take action in the primary prevention of sexual violence. During their efforts the unit experienced setbacks which caused the project to have a rough start. However, they sought to hire persons most suited for the task at hand considering their credibility, expertise, character and position within the community and relevant representative groups. These formed a ‘steering committee’ that was highly integrated and involved in the efforts to bring the project to completion. Generating commitment to change requires:

1. Creating readiness for change; which could be done in three steps. First, sensitize organizations to pressure for change; pressures for change operate both externally and internally to organizations. Before these pressures can serve as triggers for change, organizations must be sensitive to them, for example where the Minnesota’s health department recognised a clear need for primary prevention of sexual violence. Second, discrepancies between current and desired states must be revealed; in this approach to generating a felt need for change, information about the organization’s current functioning is gathered and compared with...
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