Peace Domestic Violence Agency

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PEACE Domestic Violence Agency
HSM 270 - Program Summary
Axia – University of Phoenix
Date, 2009

PEACE Domestic Violence Agency provides a variety of ways to improve the efficiency of domesticated issues, servicing victims of sexual assaults and domestic violence. Their central focus is derived from a strategic mission statement, consequential approach, which essentially regulates the business’ calculated goals. Central Focus:

I.) Decrease victim suffering
II.) Restore victim independence
III.) Through direct care, advocate recovery.
Consequential Approach -
I.) Confront public beliefs and normality’s that perpetuate or condone violence in the community. II.) Decrease the causalities of domestic violence and sexual attacks through educational methods (PEACE, 2009 a.). Strategy and Mission Statement:

The city has seen an increasing span within the last five years, especially the hearsay of violence among the youth and domestic issues, assaults, incidents of road rage, spousal and child abuse. This projects intention is to decrease such problems, promote healing services, and to empower the society of Portland. PEACE’s targeted population consists of children, youths and women of Portland whose lives have been affected and threatened by sexual assaults or domestic violence. PEACE is completely committed to this endeavor and particular to this group, which faces traumatic emotions and consequently requires urgent care, recovery, and empowerment (PEACE, 2009 b.). ASSESSMENT

The objectives are short-range results, which are attainable to anyone who wants to see positive outcomes. When looking at the following objectives, PEACE has designed its mission to eliminate and prevent crimes against women and any tolerance of these mistreatment while protecting, and advocating hazardous situations though the empowerment of the public’s awareness. A.) Providing a connection between people suffering from this traumatic distress and law agencies (crime cells, police etc.) B.) Educating the public on the negativity based off sexual assaults and violence by coordinate seminars and social rallies. C.) Offering counseling to affected groups of trauma relief victims. NEEDS AND PROBLEM STATEMENT

Three-quarters of the female population, which are estimated living in rural areas, are victims by their partner (Belluck, 1997). Americans are now beginning to realize the facts that underlie child abuse and domestic violence, which is a critical dilemma in the public. From an investigation of court indictments, it is obvious to see the considerable number of increased case proceeding. When reading over a recent report, just in one day alone, more than 54,000 children, women, and men receive assistances in some form from the community they reside in which offers domestic violence services. Many are forced to find refuge in transitional housing as a refuge of emergency shelter. Sadly enough, over one-quarter of those persons, which consist of 60%, are children. There have been more than 25% increase of crimes that are affiliated with felonies alone. These are serious offenses related to sexual assaults and domesticated crimes (Survey 2009 a). Child abuse and domestic violence organizations engage a crucial role when aiding injured parties with finding protection from mental and physical situations. For millions of people, they service as a refuge of trust and hope that otherwise have no other means to turn to in such perilous situations. There is a gradual increase in the number of emergency calls to hotlines, according to a recent survey, for shelter and protection, cases of child abuses, legal servicing, and trauma counseling (Survey, 2009 b). Unfortunately, many cases are unrevealed because the victims are either homeless, too scared to report the fatality or simply do not know the resources available to them: as a result, the person responsible for crime is left unpunished. On another...
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